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What R-ROW is?

R-Row (pronounced arrow) is a NPM module for create a 2D game.

It works with Javascript language and TypeScript language.

What are the possibilities?

  • It provides a Service Container that you can access of all services everywhere
  • It automatically create and manage the game canvas
    • It can be customized
  • It automatically create and manage the game loop
  • It provides a scene manager to facilitate the scenes management
    • You can bypass this scene manager to manage the scene yourself
  • It provides primitive shapes to facilitate their manipulation
  • It provides inputs system to facilitate keyboard, mouse and touchscreen interactions
  • It provides an Asset Store to manage and contain:
    • Fonts
    • Sounds
    • Sprites
    • Spritesheets
    • Tilesheets
  • It provides useful UI element:
    • Button
    • Clickable
    • Input text field
    • Nine slice
    • Text